Teachable Moments

A teachable moment is either a surprising or intentional moment of insight.

When these moments come, we can embrace what they hold for us or not.  But either way – life will teach us.

As you accumulate these moments, they form the foundation of your life.

If we want our foundation to be strong and firm, something on which we can build significant relationships and indeed, make a difference that will last long beyond our years, we need to make sure our foundation is sure and true.

So the question we must each ask ourselves is, have my Teachable Moments been true? Or perhaps, have I picked up some deception, some lies along the way?  How will I know the difference?

All our teachable moments must be measured by God’s Word.  What we know of God as revealed in His Word by His Spirit should be the measuring stick we use to get the most out of our Teachable Moments.

The Spirit of God who indwells believers brings and enlightens truth.  Your life is a system of theology, a series of teachable moments.

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